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Here are some tools and showcases that illustrate multiple aspects of our research thematics:

Senslab.jpg Follow the news of Inetlab our experiment testbed dedicated to the new technologies of Internet .
Exprima.jpg Follow the deployment of our wireless multihop mesh testbed. A new step toward the Future Internet.
Multicast.png The multicast hierarchical video showcase illustrates the capacity of each multicast client to auto-regulate his reception rate, depending on the network conditions. And consequently receive an optimal image quality.
Multipath.png This multipath routing demo uses both Nam and Ns2 to illustrate the diversity and the reactivity of our multi-routing solutions.
R2-NEMO-IPv6-images-other-fr.png The Mobile Networks (NEMO) and Services Discovery Showcase setup the concept of IPv6 networks mobility (NEMO BS) with services discovery apply in such topology and context.