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The Networks team contributes to the algorithmic and protocol design of communication architectures:

Edge Networks: intelligent objects need to be able to measure and interact with the physical world while running on battery power over a long period of time (month/year). It is therefore necessary to design efficient methods for transmitting data, and for putting the radio communication unit to sleep.

Core networks: data generated at the ends of the Internet must be routed through various core networks by intelligent, and now programmable, routers. In this context, we are interested in the study of these topological structures and their configurations (via measurements & modeling), in algorithms favoring path diversity and dynamics, and in the routing policies to be implemented to ensure the reliability and quality of communications.

Distributed algorithms: to collectively solve a task, independent entities (routers, connected objects) must interact under a set of constraints in an imperfect environment. We are interested in the theoretical resolution of these problems, providing proofs of computability, convergence and asymptotic bounds.

📰 News & Announcements


  • 🤝📆 19-24 Aug. Prof. Won-Joo Hwang visits the team to discuss possible collaborations in IoT and AI.
  • 🎤 18 Mar. Dr. François Bonnet will give a seminar at 2pm on combinatorial game theory.
  • 🤝 15-21 Mar. Dr. François Bonnet (Tokyo Institute of Technology) will be visiting the team.
  • 🎤 16 Feb. Prof. Pierre Parrend and Dr. Daniel Stan give a seminar to study possible collaborations with the team.


Congratulations to our new graduates Jean-Romain & Renato! !
  • 👥 Nov. 6 Welcome to Ahmad Mahmod, who is starting his PhD on low-power, unreliable Software-Defined Networks.
  • 👥 Nov. 6 Welcome to Samir Si-Mohammed who joins the Networks team for a post-doc entitled "Designing Digital Twins for IIoT".
  • 📢 Sep. 6 Quentin Bramas explains the BASE-BLOC project, a solution for more virtuous blockchains, to Savoirs daily newspaper (link).


Julien Montavont's HDR defense
  • 🎓 Nov. 29 Julien Montavont has defended his HDR. A new habilitated member in the team, congratulations!
Jean Romain Luttringer's PhD defense
  • 🎓 Nov. 28 Jean-Romain Luttringer defended his PhD thesis entitled "Path computation for IP networks: hot and cold potato routing during failures & multi-constrained paths for segment routing".
  • 🤝 Nov. 14-28 Reza Mohammadi visits the team as part of a PHC RT-NET project .
  • 🎓 Oct. 21 Jean-Philippe Abegg defended his PhD thesis entitled "Security and efficiency of Blockchain technologies applied to the Internet of Things".
  • 🤝 Sept. 22-29 Stefano Vissicchio visits the team and presents his work entitled "Programming the Internet: inside and beyond the hype".
  • 🎓 12 Jul. Renato Caminha Juaçaba Neto defended his PhD thesis entitled "Privacy-friendly aggregation of loT data streams in multi-property networks.".
Pascal's defense
  • 🎓 July 11 Pascal Mérindol has defended his HDR. A new skill in the team, congratulations!
  • 🎤 June 10 Invited presentation by Professor Ignacio Castro, QMUL, entitled "Who makes the Internet? A longitudinal analyses of the IETF"
  • 🎓 Apr. 22 Loïc Miller brilliantly defends his PhD thesis entitled "On the Use of Microservices and Metagraphs to Prevent Data Exposures".
  • 🎤 March 31 Baptiste Lababregue will give a seminar on Unsupervised time series analysis by constraints and representation learning.
  • 🎤 March 29 Marija Stojanova will give a seminar on Wi-Fi performance prediction: From stochastic approaches on conflict graphs to experiment-driven machine learning.
  • 🎤 March 14 Titouna Chafiq, will give a seminar in the team on Securing Unmanned Aerial Systems against cyber-attacks (GPS spoofing & False Data Injection)
  • 🎤 March 7 Lemia Louail will give a seminar in the team on QoS optimization: From WSNs to IoT
  • 🎤 Feb. 24 Kevin Jiokeng will give a seminar in the team entitled Indoor localization and Ubiquitous Computing using commodity Mobile Phones


  • 📢 Dec. 13-15 Opodis is organized this year in Strasbourg by Quentin Bramas. The conference will be held face-to-face, and we look forward to seeing you there!
  • 🤝 Dec. 6-10 We welcome Anaïs Durant for a one-week guest stay. She'll be giving a seminar ("Stabilization and Highly Dynamic Networks") on December 9 at 9:30 am.
  • 🤝 1-3 Dec. We welcome Pierre Courtieu, Lionel Rieg and Sébastien Bouchard for a three-day guest stay. A seminar ("Formal Proofs for Mobile Robot Swarms") will be given on Thursday December 2 at 10:30 am.
  • 👥 Oct. 1 Welcome to Thomas Alfroy who starts his thesis on anomaly detection via machine learning.
  • 🤝 'Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 welcome to Erfan Mozaffari who is staying with the team for a week to work on deterministic Wi-Fi network aspects.
  • 🎓 Feb. 8 Julian del Fiore successfully defends his thesis entitled Detecting faulty elements in the Internet: inter-domain lies, intra-domain detours and exchange point anomalies. Congratulations Julian!

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